Top 5 Android Keyboards 2015

Keyboards are the most used app in the Android smartphones. Whatever you have to do on your mobile phone, it cannot be done perfectly without keyboard. We have adapted to touch screens very quickly, however, many of us still feel uncomfortable in using the keyboards that come

Top 5 Custom ROMs for HTC One M9

HTC One M9 has been very popular since its release and while the handset itself runs on Android Lollipop and strong hardware configuration, you can still yield more out of it with custom ROMs. The custom ROMs for HTC One M9 offers many performance improvements like no

Dual APK Free Download for Android

Dual is a unique game that brings two random players together in this local multiplayer game. The two random players use their mobile phones to shoot bullets from their mobile screens to their opponent’s mobile screen. The game is not like all other games you find on

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S6 Manually

Samsung mobile phones are easiest to update as there are multiple options available for the same. You can wait for the official OTA releases to update your device or can do it manually using Odin for flashing the updated OS. Both of these methods are quite easy yet some users

How to Remove Ads from Android Apps

Android users well understand the pain of downloading a free app or game from Google Play. Almost all the free apps bring with them handful of ads that makes the experience annoying of using the app. These ads keep popping on the screen every then and now